Hammam – Eternal Love treatment – Marrakech

From: 120.00 ( price for two people )

Enjoy this luxury treatment dedicated to couples.


Eternal love treatment (2 hours 15 mins) 

Hammam +
Honey, almond and rose scrub, +
Body mask with rose clay +
Feet scrub +
Soap +
Shampoo +
Shower +
Jacuzzi +
1-hour massage.

The hammam,

which we also know as a Turkish bath, has fully entered the most popular and desired beauty treatments, the temple of relaxation in which East and West meet synergistically. The hammam ritual has various beneficial qualities: it should be an indispensable habit that allows you to stop and take care of yourself, purifying your body and mind. The properties of steam stimulate the elimination of dead cells and toxins, reactivating circulation and regenerating our skin, in a multisensory path that alternates warm and cold environments between light and shadow.

The steps of the hammam

After a passage in the Tepidarium, a humid room where the temperature is generally 36°C/96.8°F, useful for acclimatizing, follows the cleansing of the body with the savon noir (black soap), this step, in fact, defines the purifying phase. We then move on to the Calidarium (45°C/113°F) where the powerful action of the humidity of the steam promotes sweating and makes the skin radiant. The steam bath favours a significant loss of liquids (ideal for those suffering from water retention), so it is advisable to rehydrate, in fact in the structures there is always a relaxation room with herbal teas, mint tea and fruit which can be accessed at any time.

Now the skin is ready to receive the gommage, the exfoliating phase, performed vigorously with the kassa glove and then the body wash; in this step, there are various treatments to choose from: from draining and detoxifying massages, to hair wraps, up to masks and face treatments, for which natural raw materials are used such as Shea Butter, Aleppo Black Oil-based Soap of olive, 100% pure Argan oil, sweet Almond oil and Ghassoul.

It ends with an immersion in the Frigidarium (28 °) tub of cold water that closes the pores and has a strong toning effect.

In the Arab world, the rite is initially imbued with religious significance, as a purification practice that allows one to get closer to God and, as well as a ritual of well-being, it is intense as a place of aggregation.

Today, when we think of similar places, atmospheres of a thousand and one nights come to mind, oriental settings, a timeless and evocative place made of harmonious scents and sounds that makes us immerse ourselves in another culture and in a state of pure relaxation where the ancestral properties of water take on a special meaning of psychophysical well-being combined with the concept of deep cleansing.

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